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GEN-46—Policy for electricity and gas meter inspection reporting

Information bulletin—Introduction of reporting requirements for electricity and natural gas meters

Category: General
Issue date: 2017-01-01
Effective date: 2017-01-01
Revision number: N/A
Supersedes: N/A

Table of Contents

1.0 Scope

This bulletin applies to all electricity and gas meters inspections performed for the purposes of verification or reverification by authorized service providers.

2.0 Purpose

The purpose of this bulletin is to identify the information to be included in reports on meter inspection work performed by authorized service providers for the purpose of meter verification or reverification.

3.0 Background

During Measurement Canada's trade sector review, it was recommended that Measurement Canada continue to play an active role in monitoring the electricity and gas sectors.

Measurement Canada's Meter Reporting Program is designed to monitor industry compliance with laws and requirements through the analysis of inspection information of measurement devices used in measurement-based financial transactions. This allows Measurement Canada to evaluate the overall status of accuracy and equity in the marketplace, to detect problems and take appropriate action, and to maintain an independent presence in the marketplace in order to contribute to business and consumer confidence.

One of the Meter Reporting Program's points of analysis addresses the inspection results obtained from electricity and gas meter verifications conducted by authorized service providers.

4.0 References

Electricity and Gas Inspection Act

Electricity and Gas Inspection Regulations

S-A-01—Criteria for the Accreditation of Organizations to Perform Inspections Pursuant to the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act and the Weights and Measures Act

5.0 Definitions

Acceptance sampling
(échantillonnage d'acceptation)

Sampling inspection of homogeneous lots of new or reworked meters.

Authorized service provider
(fournisseur de services autorisé)

Organization that has been accredited for the verification and/or reverification of meters under the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act.

Compliance sampling
(échantillonnage de conformité)

Sampling inspection of homogeneous lots of in-service meters.

100% inspection
(contrôle à 100 %)

Systematic verification of a number of meters.

6.0 Policy for meter inspection reporting

6.1 Authorized service provider business information

Each authorized service provider shall provide the following information:

  1. business name and address
  2. Measurement Canada accreditation number
  3. name and email address of contact person

7.0 Inspection information

7.1 Source documentation

Meter inspection results provided in reports shall be obtained from inspection certificates issued by authorized service providers or other formally authorized records.

7.2 Voluntarily withdrawn lots

Information shall be provided on lots that are voluntarily removed from service before compliance sampling was completed or started. This data shall be classified as follows:

  1. identification of lot (if available)
  2. number of meters
  3. test results (if any, on a volunteer basis)

7.3 Meter inspection types

Meter inspection results for electricity and gas meters shall be reported according to the following inspection types:

7.4 Information required by inspection type

7.4.1 100% inspection

For systematic verifications or reverifications of meters, the following information shall be reported:

  1. meter owner's name
  2. certificate number
  3. meter model
  4. notice of approval number
  5. number of meters tested
  6. number of meters verified
  7. number of meters rejected

7.4.2 Acceptance sampling

For verifications or reverifications by acceptance sampling in accordance with specification S-S-04, the following information shall be reported:

  1. meter owner's name
  2. lot number
  3. lot size
  4. inspection method
  5. sample size
  6. number of AC1 meter(s)
  7. number of AC2 meter(s)
  8. number of AC3 meter(s)
  9. status of the lot (pass/fail)
  10. number of meters rejected
  11. adjusted lot size

7.4.3 Compliance sampling

For reverifications by compliance sampling carried out in accordance with specification S-S-06, the following information shall be reported:

  1. meter owner's name
  2. lot number
  3. lot size
  4. meter model
  5. notice of approval number
  6. initial seal period of meter model (number of years)
  7. sample size
  8. compliance level
  9. number of C2 meters
  10. number of C1 meters
  11. total number of meters rejected
  12. adjusted lot size
  13. number of voluntarily withdrawn meters

8.0 Responsibilities of authorized service providers

Authorized service providers are responsible for:

  1. supplying the above information using a spreadsheet provided by Measurement Canada.
  2. submitting to Measurement Canada the completed electricity and gas meter inspection report to the email address provided in the spreadsheet no later than 30 calendar days following the two reference dates of June 30 and December 31 of each year.

Note: For 2017, no report is required for the reference date of June 30.

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