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Online Reporting Application frequently asked questions

The following is a quick reference tool for the most frequently asked questions of the Online Reporting Application (ORA) Support Desk and the answers provided by the ORA Support Desk.

The ORA Support Desk's standard hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern time. Although you can use the FAQ information here at any time, part of the intent of providing information in this format is to provide support and answers for people working when the Support Desk is offline. If you do not find the information you need, you can also refer to the manuals and reference tables or send an email to the ORA Support Desk. We will answer your email during standard hours of operation.


Why can't I create an account?

You can only create an ORA account if you're a Measurement Canada employee or an employee of an authorized service provider (ASP) and you're required to conduct searches, prepare reports or report examination results as part of your job. You must take training provided by Measurement Canada before your account is approved. For ASPs, the designated ORA Manager for your organization must approve your account as well.

How do I reset my password?

The process for resetting your password depends on the secured sign-in method chosen to create your account. If you used a sign-in partner, you will need to contact the partner to have your password reset. If your account was created using a GCKey, select the Forgot your Password link on the Welcome to GCKey web page.

What if I forgot my username?

If you forget your ORA username please contact the ORA System Administrator by email or by phone at 1-877-646-7525.


Why is the link to my certificate not working?

The certificate download link expires 90 days after the certificate is issued. To obtain a copy of the certificate after the link has expired, either contact the authorized service provider organization that conducted the examination or email your request, including the certificate number, to the ORA Support Desk.

If the certificate link is not expired and you are not able to download the certificate, email the ORA Support Desk. If possible, include information about when you tried to access the certificate and what kind of error message you received.

Why am I being asked for an email address or fax number in order to receive a certificate for the inspection/examination?

Paper certificates are no longer issued on site. ORA will send the certificate to the email address or fax number you specify.

Do the comments I enter for devices show on the certificate?

Yes. Comments entered for devices and for the overall examination appear on the Device Examination Certificate.

Where is the certificate I issued when I look in my Message Centre?

If it looks like a certificate is missing from your Message Centre, it may be because you have reopened the work order. If you reopen a work order, the message stays in the "view open work orders" module that you can access from the dashboard. If you reopen the work order, you must either reissue the certificate (complete the steps in the work order and resubmit the work order) or contact the ORA Support Desk to have the open work order closed.

Reopened work orders cannot be deleted. Closing a work order without reissuing a certificate causes the data to revert to the original examination information.

If the work order is not in your open work orders and you cannot locate a certificate, contact the ORA Support Desk and include the work order details.

Can I change information on submitted work orders?

Yes, unless you need to change the examination date, establishment number or recognized technician ID/ inspector ID. You can reopen a work order and make changes to other information. If you need to update the examination date, establishment number or recognized technician ID/ inspector ID, you must contact the ORA Support Desk for a solution.

How does a device owner receive a certificate by mail instead of by fax or email?

If a device owner does not want to provide a fax number or email address, a Measurement Canada ORA Support Desk agent will mail a paper certificate to the establishment. To use this option, enter the preferred delivery method as email and the email address

Establishments: mergers, closures, additions and name changes

When do I merge establishments?
When do I close establishments?
When do I change an establishment's legal name?

You would change the legal name when:

When do I add a new establishment?

Only add an establishment if:

How do I close an open work order that's not mine so that I can merge establishments?

Contact the ORA Support Desk. The ORA Support Desk will follow up with the ORA user who has the open work order so that the merger can be submitted.

When should I select the "factory" box for an establishment?

Factory is only used for device manufacturers.

If you are adding an establishment that will be the end-user for a device initially inspected at the factory, you do not select the box next to "factory." "Factory" means the place devices are inspected prior for sale to device owners.

The business was sold, what should I do?

When an establishment changes ownership, you must add the new establishment and send a request to close the old establishment. Transfer any devices that are in use at the new establishment. You can only submit a legal name change when there's been no change in ownership.

Do I update the establishment or create a new establishment when the banner changes?

If there has been no change in ownership, you update the establishment. If there has been a change in ownership, you need to close the establishment and add a new establishment, to reflect the changes that occurred (ownership and banner).

Search tips

Why can't I get specific search results in ORA?

The system seeks matches that are not case sensitive but for the text as you enter it.

Therefore, it may be best to use parts of words or broad search terms. For example, enter "ave" instead of avenue, or enter only four characters of a postal code (K1A 0 instead of K1A 0H5).

How do I get better search results?

While search terms are not case sensitive, the system seeks matches for exactly what you enter. This means that using or not using accents in French words can affect search results. For example, sometimes ORA users enter Montréal and sometimes enter Montreal. Try searching with and without dashes and/or accents. You can also enter broad search terms or parts of words, such as "ave" instead of "avenue".

Can I search with partial address information?

Yes. You can use part of the postal code (e.g. KIA 0 instead of K1A 0H5) or partial street name (e.g. "Laurent" instead of "St. Laurent" or "St-Laurent"). It's often better to search multiple fields when using a partial search to help narrow the results. For example, if you need to find a gas station on St. Laurent Boulevard in Ottawa, enter Laurent in the address field and Ottawa in the city field. You should be able to find the establishment with just the first four characters of the postal code but the above is another option.

Why do I need to refine my search?

ORA will not return search results when a search exceeds 100 matching records. You must refine your search by adding additional search parameters.

For example, if you search by legal name only and more than 100 matching records are returned, add a partial address (e.g. Main street), and/or city, and/or partial postal code to narrow the results.


Why doesn't ORA show the serial number of a device I just transferred so that I can select it for inspection?

The device may have "disappeared" from what you can see in ORA because the trade sector selected as part of the transfer is not part of the scope of devices you are authorized to examine. You must always verify the trade sector when transferring devices. The trade sector can be updated at stage four of the transfer process, just before confirming and completing the transfer.

To access to the device, either email the ORA Support Desk or use "Compose a general message" from ORA, including the device serial number(s), correct trade sector(s) and establishment information to have the data corrected.

Can I transfer a device that's non-compliant from one establishment to another?

Yes. A non-compliant device (shown in ORA with a blue triangle next to the serial number), can be transferred. The device remains non-compliant until it is examined and verified. The Measurement Canada district office responsible for that area will receive a notification of the transfer, in addition to the transfer notices sent to the sending and receiving establishments.

Devices, serial numbers and work orders

Why is a device I inspected a few years ago not showing up in ORA?

When this happens, search for a few variations of the serial number. For example: search for serial numbers without dashes (e.g., 14000123 in addition to a search for 14-000123).

If the searches still return no results, contact ORA Support Desk and include the serial number, device type, capacity and approval number.

What do I do when there's missing device information for devices I want to add to my work order?

Older devices may be missing an approval number or trade sector because these fields have not always been mandatory. Update the device with the required information.

Why won't ORA let me deactivate the device I just added by mistake?

If you did not issue a certificate for the device, the device cannot be deactivated. Only devices that have been previously examined can be deactivated. You can delete the device rather than deactivate it.

Why can't I change the serial number of a device in ORA if it's wrong?

An incorrect serial number can be fixed but a serial number cannot be replaced with a completely new number. The purpose of this rule is to ensure that when components are replaced, device histories are not corrupted. An example of a change that can be made: in ORA a serial number is recorded as 29965 and it should be 2996S. If in doubt, contact the ORA Support Desk for guidance.

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